Move the Mission Rock-A-Thon

Move the Mission Rock-A-Thon

Move The Mission Rock-A-Thon Fundraiser

Represent Youth will be hosting a Rock-A-Thon to help Move the Mission, the fundraising ministry that helps fund missions and ministries around the world.  Come join Represent Youth as we raise money for Move the Mission to help share the Gospel around the world.

Highlights :

  • Delicious Food & Snacks
  • Games
  • Overnight Stay

Three Easy Steps To Help MOVE the Mission :

  1. Register as a participant*
    *Parents must register students.  Students cannot register themselves
    *Participant must raise a minimum of $50.00 to attend
  2. Find as many sponsors as you can
  3. “ROCK” your way to  MOVE The Mission

Funds raised are allocated to Move the Mission Partners:

  • Global Missions – Helping our foreign missionaries purchase vehicles for sufficient transportation as they spread the Gospel into areas that have rough terrain or are far from their homes
  • North American Missions – Assist North American missionaries in purchasing property or remodeling an existing building to have adequate facilities for church services.
  • Tupelo Children’s Mansion – Provides a place of solace for young lives who have been abandoned and abused.
  • Lighthouse Ranch for Boys – Help heal the broken lives of young men through therapeutic guidance methods and by the Word of God, steering troubled young men toward living responsible and mature lives.
  • New Beginnings – Non-profit Adoption and Family service that provides an abortion alternative for birth mothers and offers adoption opportunities for those who seek parenthood.
  • Office of Education & Endorsement – Provides scholarships to qualified young people seeking to be trained for service in the kingdom of God.