Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry

A Strong Man

As men, from the early days of boyhood we have been fascinated, some even obsessed, with a singular achievement: strength. We will work all of our lives to be strong. Whether it’s mentally, intellectually, physically, on the court or on the job, we want to be the best. The truth of the matter is we can’t help it.

The Cultural Crisis of Men

We live in a world full of males who have prolonged their adolescence. They are neither boys nor men. They live, suspended as it were, between childhood and adulthood, between growing up and being grown-ups. Let’s call this kind of male Ban, a hybrid of both boy and man. Ban is juvenile because there has been an entire niche created for him to live in the lusts of…

Virtues of Men

Paul leaves Titus in Crete and appoints him to ordain elders in every city.  In Titus chapter 1:5-9 it tells us what qualities the leaders of God’s “household” must have.     Whether you are a Missionary, Evangelist, Bishop, Pastor, Preacher, Teacher or a Saint all MEN should be compelled to live by the following virtues as stated in…